Ethics & Policies

The relationships with our clients and staff are based on trust, so we promise to:


* Comply with government laws and standards in every country where we operate
* Operate under the highest ethical standards
* Identify, prevent, detect, and report any allegation of misconduct or violation of the law
* Implement the highest security standards to protect clients’ information you reveal or that we discover.
* Keep all information strictly confidential unless you explicitly grant us permission to share it.


Our confidentiality policy covers all information relating to and provided by our clients as well as service staff.


All information related to and provided by our clients and service staff will be treated as confidential and stored in a safe, secure place using appropriate information technology tools to control access to such information. Such information will be stored only if it is current and necessary to undertake tasks relating to service delivery.


The time limit for storage of general non-active information will be 6 months, where this is a legal requirement to do so. Information where there is no such legal requirement will be stored for an appropriate period of time, which may, on occasion, be specified. Our security staff will be responsible for shredding confidential papers when finished with and deleting them from computer files.

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